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Effects of Different Mulching Cultivation on Bacterial Diversity, Enzyme Activity and Physicochemical Properties of Potato Rhizosphere Soil

YANG Xin(), FAN Wujing, TANG Zhouping, HE Huyi, LI Lishu   

  1. Commercial Crop Research Institute, Guangxi Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Nanning, Guangxi 530007
  • Received:2020-07-14 Accepted:2020-11-26 Online:2021-09-10 Published:2021-07-22


杨鑫(), 樊吴静, 唐洲萍, 何虎翼, 李丽淑   

  1. 广西农业科学院经济作物研究所,广西 南宁 530007
  • 作者简介:杨鑫,女,助理研究员,主要从事马铃薯栽培生理方面研究。E-mail:
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In order to investigate the variation of micro-ecological environment in rhizosphere soil and yield increasing mechanism of winter potato under different mulching cultivation. The effects of different mulching cultivations (Black Film Mulching, BFM; Rice Straw Mulching, RSM and Conventional Cultivation, CK) on soil bacterial community structure diversity, enzyme activity, physical and chemical properties and potato growth were analyzed by using the method of combining high-throughput sequencing with soil science. The results showed that, compared with RSM and CK, the influence of BFM on the above aspects was mainly as follows: first, BFM could improve the index of Chao1 bacteria in rhizosphere soil and the relative abundance of Proteobacteria in early growth stage, Acidobacteria and Genmmatimonadetes in the later growth stage, and Sphingomonas in the whole growth stage.At the same time, BFM significantly increased the activity of acid phosphatase and the content of available potassium. The contents of organic and available phosphorus content of BFM were significantly higher than RSM and CK in seedling stage, of which the organic content raised by 28.45% and 13.29%, and the content of available phosphorus increased by 29.62% and 16.62%, respectively. And the tuber swelling stage, the activities of sucrase and catalase of BFM were significantly higher than RSM and CK, of which the activities of sucrase raised by 18.71% and 158.32%, and the activities of catalase raised by 17.44% and 45.54%, respectively; At the same stage the rate of big potato and yield of BFM were increased by 20.15% and 17.90% more than that of RSM and CK, respectively. It was showed that soil bacterial diversity index was positively correlated with alkali hydrolyzable nitrogen, available potassium, organic matter and pH value. In conclusion, the bacterial diversity and enzyme activities of rhizosphere soil under different cultivation modes were mutually affected to maintain soil quality;black film mulching could improve the microecological environment of rhizosphere soil, increase soil biological activity and nutrient availability, and enhence the plant growth and development, the end result was an eventual increase in potato production. This study provides a theoretical basis for the effective guidance of winter potato production in Guangxi.

Key words: black film, potato, rhizosphere, bacteria



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