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Comparative Study on Starch Composition, Physicochemical Properties and Noodle Quality of Different Sweet Potato Varieties

HOU Fuyun(), CHEN Guiling, DONG Shunxu, XIE Beitao, QIN Zhen, LI Aixian, ZHANG Liming, WANG Qingmei*()   

  1. Crop Research Institute/Scientific Observing and Experimental Station of Tuber and Root Crops in Huang-Huai-Hai Region, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Shandong Academy of Agricultural Science, Jinan, Shandong 250100
  • Received:2020-12-30 Accepted:2021-02-08 Online:2022-02-10 Published:2022-01-17
  • Contact: WANG Qingmei


侯夫云(), 陈桂玲, 董顺旭, 解备涛, 秦桢, 李爱贤, 张立明, 王庆美*()   

  1. 山东省农业科学院作物研究所/农业农村部黄淮海薯类科学观测实验站,山东 济南 250100
  • 通讯作者: 王庆美
  • 作者简介:侯夫云,女,副研究员,主要从事甘薯品质育种研究。E-mail:
  • 基金资助:


To explore the relationship of starch characteristics and their noodle quality from different sweetpotato varieties, three cultivars cv. Jishu25, Jishu26 and Shangshu19 were selected for experiments in hilly mountains. After harvest, root dry matter content, storage root yield and starch separation were measured, and then the starch components, aging and pasting characteristics and their noodle quality were analyzed. The results showed that the root dry yield of cv. Jishu25 was significantly higher than those of the other two cultivars(P<0.05), and the starch crystal structure and morphology were similar in the three varieties. The starch content, composition and pasting characteristics in the three varieties were different. The ash and protein content, final viscosity and setback viscosity value of Jishu25 starch were higher than those of the other two varieties. The amylose, phosphorus, and crude fiber content of Shangshu19 starch were the highest one in the three varieties. Textural analysis showed that the hardness, tensile strength and cutting behaviors of starch cooked noodles in Jishu 25 were better than those of Shangshu 19 and Jishu 26. The correlation analysis showed that the amylase/amylopectin value was positively correlated with the hardness, tensile strength and cutting behavior, while starch peak viscosity, final viscosity and setback viscosity were negatively correlated with the hardness of noodles. Therefore, the selected sweetpotato variety Jishu 25 is more suitable for noodle processing, and suitable for planting in hilly mountainous areas, which not only promotes the sustainable development of sweetpotato industry in hilly mountainous areas, but also provides variety support for the sweetpotato industry to drive the revitalization and development of rural areas.

Key words: sweet potato, starch, pasting characteristics, starch noodles, quality



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