Journal of Nuclear Agricultural Sciences ›› 2019, Vol. 33 ›› Issue (8): 1467-1473.DOI: 10.11869/j.issn.100-8551.2019.08.1467

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Genome-wide Identification and Expression Analysis of BES1 Gene Family in Capsicum annuum

MENG Chunyang1,2,**, WEI Xiaochun1,**, ZHAO Yanyan1, YUAN Yuxiang1, WANG Zhiyong1, YANG Shuangjuan1, JIANG Jun3, ZHANG Xiaowei1,*   

  1. 1 Institute of Horticulture, Henan Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Zhengzhou, Henan 450002;
    2 College of Life Science,Zhengzhou University, Zhengzhou, Henan 450001;
    3 Zhumadian Institute of Agricultural Sciences, Zhumadian, Henan 463000
  • Received:2018-03-05 Revised:2018-06-03 Online:2019-08-10 Published:2019-06-20


孟纯阳1,2,**, 魏小春1,**, 赵艳艳1, 原玉香1, 王志勇1, 杨双娟1, 姜俊3, 张晓伟1,*   

  1. 1 河南省农业科学院园艺研究所,河南 郑州 450002;
    2 郑州大学生命科学学院,河南 郑州 450001;
    3 驻马店市农业科学院, 河南 驻马店 463000
  • 通讯作者: *张晓伟,男,研究员,主要从事蔬菜育种研究。
  • 作者简介:孟纯阳,男,主要从事蔬菜育种研究。;魏小春,男,助理研究员,主要从事植物生理与分子生物学研究。。** 同为第一作者。
  • 基金资助:

Abstract: BES1 is the key transcription factors of brassinosteroid (BR) signaling. In order to understand the function of BES1 gene family in pepper, bioinformatic analysis was used to identify the BES1 gene family according to the released pepper whole-genome sequences. Gene structure, protein domain, phylogenetic relationship, gene expression pattern and biotic and abiotic stress were analyzed to characterize the function of BES1 gene family. The results showed that there were 9 candidate BES1 genes in pepper. According to the structure of BES1, they were divided into 2 categories: ClassⅠand ClassⅡ, with great difference in structure. The BES1 encoding proteins were range from 181 to 713 amino acids, the molecular weights of BES1 encoding proteins were 20.22~78.23 kDa, and the range of isoelectric point was 5.48~9.23. The result of RNA-seq data indicated that the expression of the BES1 gene in pepper is different. Under the stress of ABA, cold, heat, Me and Phytophthora blight, both CA04g20150 and CA12g17430 were induced to upregulated, indicating that they may played a role in biotic and abiotic stress. The study laid foundation for exploring the molecular mechanism of the BES1 gene family regulating plant stress resistance.

Key words: pepper, genome wide identification, BES1 gene, expression pattern

摘要: BES1基因是油菜素内酯信号途径中的关键转录因子。为了解辣椒中BES1基因家族功能,以已测序辣椒CM334为试验材料,根据已公布辣椒基因组数据,本研究利用生物信息学方法对辣椒BES1基因家族进行鉴定,并对基因结构、结构域、系统进化关系、基因表达模式和生物非生物胁迫表达情况进行分析。结果表明,辣椒中有9个候选BES1基因,根据BES1基因结构可将其分为ClassⅠ和ClassⅡ 2大类,Class Ⅰ 和 Class Ⅱ 在结构上差异较大。辣椒BES1编码蛋白介于181~713个氨基酸范围内,分子量为20.22~78.23 kDa,等电点介于5.48~9.23。转录组数据分析发现,辣椒BES1基因在辣椒中表达具有差异性。在脱落酸、低温、高温、茉莉酸甲酯和疫病胁迫下CA04g20150和CA12g17430均被诱导上调,表明其在生物和非生物胁迫中发挥作用。本研究结果为进一步探究BES1基因家族调控植物抗逆的分子机制奠定了基础。

关键词: 辣椒, 全基因组鉴定, BES1基因, 表达模式