J4 ›› 2008, Vol. 22 ›› Issue (04): 474-477.DOI: 10.11869/hnxb.2008.04.0474

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TANG Mi~1 BIE Zhi-long~1 WU Ming-zhu~2 YI Hong-ping~2 FENG Jong-xin~2(1.College of Horticulture and Forestry,Huazhong Agricultural University/Key Laboratory of Horticultural Plant Biology,Ministry of Education,Wuhan,Hubei 430070;2.Research Center of Hami Melon,Xinjiang Academy of Agricultural Science,Wulumuqi,Xinjiang 830000)   

  • Received:2009-12-31 Revised:2009-12-31 Online:2008-08-20 Published:2008-08-20



  1. 华中农业大学园艺林学学院/园艺植物生物学教育部重点实验室;新疆农业科学院哈密瓜研究中心;

Abstract: "Fengwei No.2" melon was bred by using ~(60)Co γ-rays irradiation.The quality of melon fruits was investigated during maturation.The results indicated that the fruit expanded rapidly from the 5th day of pollination,and the fruit fresh weight reached the maximum after 30 days.The content of fruit soluble sugar increased quickly from the 29th day of pollination,and decreased from the 34th day of pollination.Fruit titratable acidity increased with fruit development and the sugar/acid ratio reached the peak after 30-34 days of pollination.Analysis of fruit soluble sugar and organic acid by gas chromatography showed that in the fruit of "Fengwei No.2" melon fructose,glucose and sucrose were the main soluble sugars,while malic acid and citric acid were organic acids in the fruit,and citric acid was the main organic acid.GC-MS anaysis showed that there were mainly 35 aroma compounds,among which esters took 35.24%,acids 19.21%,alcohols 14.28% and aldehydes 11.71%.

摘要: 以60Coγ射线育出甜瓜新品种"风味2号"为材料,研究其果实发育和品质形成的动态变化。结果表明,从授粉后第5天开始果实快速膨大,第30天时鲜重达最大。从授粉后第29天开始,果肉可溶性糖含量迅速增加,其后保持稳定,至第34天显著降低。可滴定酸含量随果实的发育逐渐增加,糖酸比的高峰出现在授粉后第30-34天。气相色谱表明,"风味2号"果实中主要可溶性糖为果糖、葡萄糖和蔗糖,有机酸为苹果酸和柠檬酸,其中柠檬酸是主要有机酸。气相色谱-质谱联用分析显示:果实有35种挥发性物质,其中酯类占35.24%,酸类占19.21%,醇类为14.28%,醛类为11.71%。